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Eyal Shelef

Sail#: ISR-43
Age: 32
Nationality: Israeli
Residence: Israel
Debut: 2002
1st event King of the Lake Freestyle 2002

When people ask me about my professional wind surfer life style I can just say wow, but when they ask again I tell them that……
The biggest advantage in a professional wind surfer life style is that you get to see great places all over in the world.
Getting to know different cultures is a great and exciting experience.
Each place offers you a variety of wind surfing conditions and a different life style before and after sailing.

When I am in Israel, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family and great windsurfing conditions, the great culture and most importantly the fantastic food that Israel has to offer .
Israel offers many good windsurfing spots. During the summer the wind blows strongly in the sea of Galilei, and in the winter, the Mediterranean ocean offers great wind and waves.
NeilPryde, Hot Sails Maui, MFC


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